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Town meeting rescheduled for June 29th

The 2020 Dover Town Meeting has been rescheduled for 11:00 on Monday, June 29. This year's meeting will take place on Nora Searle Field at Dover- Sherborn High School.

All attendees are required to wear face masks during the meeting, unless they have a medical reason not. Residents who cannot wear a mask are asked to contact the Town Clerk Felicia Hoffman so that arrangements can be made to safely attend the meeting.

There are protocols in place to ensure the safety of those attending. The meeting will be limited to 60 attendees; if more hope to attend then the meeting will be suspended until a solution can be found. All attendees will be required to sit 15 feet apart, including those from the same family. Before being admitted. all attendees are required to have their temperature checked by Dr. Ban, using a non-contact scanner. Additional information about this year's town meeting can be found here.

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