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Stacey Peasley Band serenades Dover

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Summer will be coming to a close in a few short weeks, and kids are packing as much fun into these last days as possible before they head back to school.

And what better a way to celebrate the end of summer than with a concert in front of the Dover Town House?

On Tuesday, August 17, kids and parents visited the Dover green to enjoy the music of the Stacey Peasley Band. 

Kids and parents set up blankets and chairs before the fun started. After they were settled, many of the little ones happily left to investigate some of the fun going on the green, which included a Dover Parks and Recreation booth where visitors could spin a wheel and win some fun prizes. 

Other kids enjoyed running around to the sound of the music. A few yards from the concert, kids joined a large game of tag and moved about the field like a school of fish. Some even added beach balls to the game, tossing them up in the air as kids tried to avoid being tagged. The cheerful shrieks and giggles only added to the catchy tunes Peasley and her band performed.

“Getting to see them have fun and enjoying some of the music has been great,” remarked one mom as she watched her own child enjoy the fun. 

Stacey Peasley and her band treated the audience to some wonderful songs about traveling via train, birthday parties, and making the world a better place. One number about going to the beach had kids dancing along - and parents tapping their feet to the catchy summer-themed tunes.

Some of the audience came to enjoy the last concert of the season, while others had come specifically because of their love for Stacey Peasley's music; Peasley has been delighting audiences in the area for years. Kristen Cerreta and her son Brycen traveled from a different town just to see Stacey and her band. “We love her dancing, we love her songs,” explained Kristen. Brycen noted that he liked the songs “Goodie Bag” and “RSVP” the most. As he waited in line to spin the Park and Recreation wheel of prizes, Brycen also noted that he was hoping to win a race car - the perfect thing to complete a wonderful day.

While no one is quite happy to see summer ending, everyone in attendance seemed to agree that a concert from the Stacey Peasley Band was a great way to ring out the season. There may not be any more concerts planned for this year in front of the Dover Town House, but Peasley’s catchy tunes will resonate well into the school year.

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