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Sherborn children met the Snow Queen

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

This past Saturday, March 25th, a long line of children sprang from the children's wing of the newly opened Sherborn Library. Little girls dressed in princess gowns anxiously awaited their turn to meet the Snow Queen.

Children’s faces would light up as they realized it was finally their turn to meet and greet the dazzling character. The Snow Queen would eagerly answer any questions that the children had, greeting them with a smile and a warm hug. 

Some of the smaller children were shy when it was finally their turn to enter the craft room, where the character awaited; so she would graciously lead the conversations, telling the children she liked their shoes or dress and asking them about their time in the library. 

The Snow Queen had photo-ops with all of her loyal subjects and gave each child an autograph, sealed with a kiss. She would wave to each child, wishing them a magical rest of their day, before sending them off. The Snow Queen, who was from Alyssa’s Happily Ever Afters, made each child feel like they were the only child in the room, as she provided them with individualized attention. 

“She was absolutely amazing!” One local mother shared, after mentioning that her daughter was scared to meet the Snow Queen; but after leading the conversation, her daughter was made to feel more comfortable, and even shared a hug with the character. She single-handedly made it a magical Saturday for all the children she met.

“It was so great to have the Snow Queen here, especially on our first Saturday open!” Jessica George, children’s librarian, excitedly shared. What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend, especially the opening weekend of the library. 

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