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Seniors graze at Powisset Farm class

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

As part of a program jointly arranged by the towns' respective councils on aging, Westwood and Dover seniors recently ventured to Powisset Farm for a class on holiday entertaining with mezze boards. Inspired by recent popularity of charcuterie boards, Mediterranean mezze boards feature fresh veggies, small bites, and spreads -- in this case, homemade hummus and roasted eggplant baba ganoush with meatballs.

Chef Thi guided seniors through preparation of a sweet curry hummus with maple syrup -- a successful experiment deviating from traditional Middle Eastern flavors -- and many skilled chefs in the bunch were willing to lend a hand. Their knowledge of food, food science and general entertaining gave a great perspective to the class. While the assembles worked, Chef Thi gave tips on perfect hummus consistency, noting that ice cold water breaks up oil in tahini (as it naturally separates). Volunteers assisted with a food processor and adding ingredients before a final hummus taste test revealed that the group's handiwork was significantly different from the fare you find in plastic supermarket containers.

“We love grazing," explained Chef Thi. "We are a society that loves to pick, snack and graze. We’re going to put it out on a board. It’s a way to learn something new [that] we can bring into our own homes. You can do it all in advance.” From preparation to assembly of the boards, the art of entertaining, as well as the social aspects of cooking, were front and center -- perfect for a group activity.

Seniors took photos of the process, made notes, and took home copies of the recipes. Seniors also made wreaths with pines, fern, and outdoor materials while their food was cooking. When finished, those in attendance were treated to an amazing meal, featuring the mezze board, butternut squash casserole, and pumpkin cake for dessert. 

Perhaps most importantly, particularly in this festive season, the outing highlighted the importance of both making and eating food as a social activity. For the seniors in attendance who quickly bonded over recipes and food traditions, it was a fine afternoon.

Powisset Farm offers informative and enriching cooking classes. Ranging from children’s to senior classes, the experiences are unique and connective. For more information, visit the Farm in person or online at

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