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Powisset Sunset Series delights visitors

By Emily Rast
Hometown Weekly Intern

Dover’s Powisset Farm has called their Thursday Sunset Series “summer at its finest,” and they may just be right. 

Anyone who has spent a summer in Massachusetts knows that it’s often the simple things that make the season special, and Powisset Farm is evidently in the know. The easy evening of live music, good food, and golden-hour sun offered every Thursday on the farm is just another wonderful way for locals of all ages to kick back in the warmer months.

The Thursday Sunset Series is never the same twice, with a constantly-changing food menu, musical entertainment schedule, and, of course, sunset. The Hometown Weekly visited the farm on July 21st, and enjoyed the cool musical talents of Chris Hersch and the Moonraiders. The light summer breeze seemed to carry the music around the farm, with everyone in attendance feeling the good vibrations under the setting sun. It didn’t hurt that the attendees were well-fed, with a dinner menu curated by Powisset head chef Thi Bowles, alongside some locally-sourced extras. Visitors were happy to see that the menu had both meat and vegetarian options, a bar section, and a kids section. 

Some exclusive investigative coverage has informed us that the staff-favorite fresh baked cookies are definitely worth checking out.

As temperatures continue to rise, enjoying the sunset is often a more preferable path to fresh air than braving the sweltering daytime. Because of this, the Thursday Sunset Series attracted people of all ages. There were lawn games set out, plenty of chairs and tables, some shady tents, and some play structures to entertain the little ones, creating harmony amongst all on the farm. Huge amounts of grass space and access to trails on the property meant that though there was a happy turnout, the event did not feel unpleasantly crowded. The distant plains of the farm also doubled as a great view, especially when touched by the orange sun. With good company, nothing beats a nice evening outside.

What makes this time of year different from the rest in Massachusetts is the heightened physical presence of the community, when kids are out of school, winter coats are stored away, and everyone wants to come out and have some fun. Events like the Thursday Sunset Series are a perfect way to celebrate the joy of a local summer, uniting different age groups and getting people outdoors. It is also a great way to support the community, and appreciate what your town has to offer.

For more information about Powisset Farm, or about upcoming Thursday Sunset Series events, visit

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