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Pine Hill Elementary introduces International Night

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

A long line of cars curved around Pine Hill Lane in Sherborn last Friday night, as students and their families headed over to attend the school’s First Annual International Night.

Several countries were represented by different parent volunteers from the community, so young elementary school students and their families could learn about various cultures and each country's respective geography. 

Upon entry, each child was given a passport and the goal of filling out their passport by visiting each country that was represented. The countries on display included: India, Italy, Peru, China, Canada, Philippines, Cuba, Poland, Columbia, Ghana, Nigeria, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Moldova, South Korea, Malaysia, Greece, Syria, Iran, and Jamaica. 

Each country had their own respective display, which consisted of a poster board dressed with photos, fun facts, and maps. Children were able to see different flags, cultural dress, money, and books. They sampled different dishes and delicacies, while listening to stories about the different cultures and countries represented. 

All the children and families that attended were just as eager to learn about each country as the volunteering parents were excited to share about their cultures. 

The young students danced, colored, asked questions, absorbed information about the various cultures, and had their passports stamped as they moved throughout the lengths of the room. Everyone’s favorite part seemed to be the food- as families eagerly filled their plates to sample all the different delicacies that filled the room. 

The event was organized by two parents: Monika Acharya and Irene Saranteas Baasselee. When asked what inspired this event, Acharya stated: “We’ve been talking about this for a long time. With so much going on in the world, children need to understand that different countries are way more than what the news represents. This event will give kids a new perspective on all the different countries.”

It was a wonderful turn out, as several bodies filled the room, laughing, asking questions, listening to stories, sampling food, and dancing. It was truly a beautiful sight to see so many cultures coming together to teach the children about our diverse world.

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