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Pie’s the limit at Powisset Farm

By Cameron Small
Hometown Weekly Correspondent

On Thursday evening, November 3, Powisset Farm held its most recent adult cooking class, during which attendees made two different pies: a pear slab pie (similar in idea to a sheet cake in its ability to feed many) and a peanut pie that had a similar filling to pecan pie. 

Both desserts were made with homemade dough, and both were garnished to heighten the flavors — the pear slab pie received a spiced mascarpone topping, whereas the peanut pie received a brown bourbon whipped cream. By the end of the class, the confections and garnishes were sampled by attendees, precipitating a litany of “Oh, that’s so good” exclamations and “Mmmmms.”

During the class, attendees mixed dough, chopped fruit, measured ingredients, caramelized sugar, rolled out dough, and more to create their pies. Throughout it all, the convivial atmosphere yielded plenty of spirited conversations, ranging from “I know I know you, but I’m not sure where,” to Mel Brook’s movie, “Blazing Saddles”, to other cooking tips and more over the course of the two hour class. 

The class was instructed by Chef Thi, who teaches the cooking programs offered at Powisset Farm. Classes do require pre-registration and a fee to attend, with members of the Trustees receiving a discount on the fee. Adult classes are held frequently on Thursdays, with other cooking classes geared to kids (ages 7 to 12) and towards toddlers (ages two years nine months to five years) offered during the week.

Upcoming adult classes include those focused on savory pies, soups, and homemade pasta. Upcoming kid classes include this on whoopie pies, winter warmers, and cupcakes. Upcoming tot classes teach the toddlers cooking basics and provide a muffin or cookie recipe.

If you plan to attend a class in the future, be sure to register early, as they tend to fill faster during the winter months. Since classes are open to anyone who can register and not limited to Dover residents, anyone with the time and interest is able to attend. 

The reach of that interest is further than one might expect; at the pie class, Joe and Lauren of Billerica were among those who made a return appearance. Previously, they had attended a pizza making class offered at Powisset Farm taught by Chef Thi. They had also signed up for another class that was ultimately canceled. Scheduling does not always work out for them, but when it does, they are eager to join.

“It’s only about 45 minutes,” Lauren explained, “and you tasted the pies! Chef Thi always makes it worth the trip.”

For more specifics as to what cooking classes are being offered when, visit the Powisset Farm website at

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