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Dover Girl Scouts Visit State House And Meet Rep. Garlick

The Dover Girl Scouts fourth grade troop recently visited the Massachusetts State House in Boston to learn about local government with State Representative Denise Garlick.

Ten girls of Troop 75391 were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the State House.

Garlick discussed how government works, the need for women in leadership roles and potential careers in government. The girls learned how local laws, bills and budgets are created by the state legislature and offices of the Governor.

The Girl Scouts visited the chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives to observe proceedings. The Representatives, coincidentally on break, talked with the girls and gave a standing ovation of applause to the Troop at the end.

The girls heard the history of the State House, how much gold is on the dome and how it was painted dark during World War II. The Troop also visited a wall of honor memorializing female leaders in Massachusetts history that influenced today’s laws.

“It was exciting to see where our local government happens, and the topic relates to our study of history at school,” said Dover Girl Scout Paige Whalen.

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