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COA visits Unity Farm Sanctuary

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On September 19, the Sherborn Council on Aging (COA) hosted its final outdoor event of the season. The weather was perfect for the garden party at Unity Farm Sanctuary in Sherborn. With great scenery, cute animals, and some delicious treats, what could make for a better party?

Guests from the COA trickled in, each spotting the goats next to the parking lot as they arrived. As they walked to the farm house, the guests were able to catch a quick glimpse of the beautiful scenery. Though members of the group had anticipated colder conditions, they were quickly able to change their plans and opted to sit outside on the patio overlooking the farm. Past garden parties hosted by the Council on Aging at Unity Farm have limited the guests to the indoors, and this was the first time ever that guests could enjoy the beautiful farm in front of them. Once outside and in their chairs, guests began noshing on their sandwiches and chatting amongst themselves, filling each other in with what they did during summer and what they’ve been up to during their first few weeks of fall.

As they enjoyed their lunches, attendees were happy to hear about the farm from founder Kathy Halamka. After a brief introduction to the farm, attendees were eager to have some of their questions answered. One person asked how the farm’s bees survived the recent sprays for EEE, and Halamka explained that the spray works without affecting the bees. Others asked what the farm had been before the Halamka took over. “What’s it like operate a farm like this and never sleep? Because there’s no way you do this and sleep,” one guest even asked, making everyone laugh.

Guests grabbed plates of desserts perfect for the fall. From cake with green icing, to apple-filled pastries, to coffee cake, to scones, there seemed to be something for everyone to enjoy. The party was thoroughly entertained watching a few visiting German Shepherds playing and chasing one another around the farm. The youngest, only a few months old, ran up to the party to get some pets on the head before dashing into the farm house and following her mother. “I’m gonna chase that puppy,” joked one party-goer as she watched the ongoing antics.

Following dessert, many guests stayed for a meet-and-greet with the different animals living at Unity Farm. Starting with the famous goats, the group worked its way to meet the horses, pigs, six cows, countless chickens, baby guinea hens, alpaca, and sheep. The tour underscored just how ideal Unity Farm Sanctuary is for animal lovers of all ages - in addition to being a great setting for a memorable garden party.

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