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Boil water order lifted

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) has lifted the boil water order for residents who receive their water from the Colonial Water wells located on Draper Road, Francis Street, and Knollwood Drive.

The Mass DEP lifted the order after Colonial Water Company employed a temporary 4-log disinfection process to clear the water of any bacteria. The process uses a concentration of chlorine to disinfect 99.999 percent of any bacteria before any can access the distribution system.

The distribution system has not shown the presence of bacteria since June 20. However, sample results from July 1 did show E. coli in Well A and coliform in Well C. The Mass DEP has approved to lift the boil water order with the 4-log disinfection process in place, ensuring water is safe for consumption. Colonial Water Company plans to install a permanent 4-log disinfection system in the future to ensure that their Dover wells continue to be free of bacteria.

Additional information about the Boil Water Order lift can be found here. A notice released by Mass DEP can be read here.

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