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Residents urged to adopt a hydrant

As the snow piles up, residents of Westwood are welcomed to join the Adopt-A-Hydrant program. Residents who join will help keep the over 600 fire hydrants around town clear and accessible for emergency services.

Those who sign up will help their community by clearing snow around their assigned hydrant, as well as reporting blocked or damaged hydrants. Using this special map of Westwood, residents can pick a hydrant to adopt - all that's needed is an email address. Each person who adopts a hydrant will be in charge of not only clearing the area around it after a storm, but also updating its status on the map.

Each hydrant needs at least three inches of snow removed from around its base. Any sign of missing parts or damage to the hydrant should be reported to the Dedham Westwood Water District by calling (781-329-7090) or by emailing

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