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Third graders set for 1800s school day

Westwood’s third graders are gearing up for a unique experience.

Each year, the Fisher School (home of the Westwood Historical Society) is transformed into an old-fashioned classroom with antique school desks and chairs, plus a dunce cap and stool. All Westwood third grade classes are then invited to an 1800s school day.

Students dress in period clothing and bring an old-fashioned lunch (no plastic wrap allowed). During the day, they step back in time to read from McGuffey’s Third Reader, use individual slates to complete problems from Warren Colburn’s 1847 arithmetic book, write with quill pens and ink, participate in a spelling bee, and play old-fashioned games.

Charlie Donahue will again oversee the school program in May. This year, he has the help of 24 volunteers, including past and current school principals, teachers, school and town administrators.

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