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Lions calendar shifts gears for 2017

Now in its seventh year of print, the Westwood Lions Club has been producing high-quality, full-size calendars featuring local, amateur photography of and about our community. Donations for the calendar has generated approximately $10,000, all gifted to the various charities supported by the Westwood Lions — including the Westwood High School Scholarship Foundation, Thanksgiving Meals for the Needy and numerous other charitable activities.

However, this year marks a change in the calendar – the first in its history – and the Lions are excited. “What we determined is that, while the images provided by local photographers are absolutely remarkable, it was time to shake things up” says Brian Ahern, this years Lions Club President and Calendar Co-chair.

“With all that is going on around us, we sometimes lose sight of what a great community we have here, and the foundation of any great community is the people who serve and support it.”

With that in mind, the Lions club begins a new chapter for their calendar — dedicating it to the men and women who serve our community. This years’ calendar will honor our brave firefighters and police personnel. Musings for future calendars include teachers, coaches, town staff and students.

Calendars are expected to be available in late October. The Lions Club would like to express their deep appreciation in advance for the community’s support in their endeavors towards the betterment of our community.

Look for the 2017 calendar at the town library and Roche Bros. or by emailing The suggested donation of $10 per calendar will go towards local charitable organizations.

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