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Wellesley Students Win Art and Writing Awards

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By Rama K. Ramaswamy

Wellesley High students received 23 awards spanning several diverse categories, including Art Portfolio, Writing Portfolio, Photography, Printmaking, Digital Art, Painting, Drawing and Illustration, Sculpture, Jewelry, Personal Essay/Memoir, Short Story, Poetry, Writing Portfolio Poetry and Fashion in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Wellesley Middle School successfully came away with 14 awards in similar categories such as, Drawing and Illustration, Photography, Painting and Jewelry.

In addition, Dana Hall School claimed eight awards in the categories of Photography, Art Portfolio, Painting, Digital Art and Printmaking.

Every year since 1923, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a partnership between The School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) and “the Boston Globe,” recognize students, ranging from grades 6-12, for their sustained endeavors in the fine arts.

Although every awardee receives a certificate, Gold and Silver Key winners receive a Gold or Silver Key pin and in addition Gold Key selections proceed, electronically, to the next competitive round in NYC, whereby their winning works will run the gauntlet against other Gold Key selections from around the country for “National Medals.”

Wellesley Public Schools K-12 Art Director Thomas Carter said they are “once again very proud” of their crop of students, “even those who entered but didn’t get selected in this round, this year.”

Carter made sure to emphasize that the Museum of Fine Arts plans to host a ceremony for Gold and Silver Key awardees on March 12 and that Gold Key winners’ works will be featured at an exhibition at Education First (EF) from March 5-20.

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The list of Wellesley’s SMFA awardees is as follows:

Wellesley High School

Sophie Barre, Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Haley Cheek, Gold Key, Writing Portfolio
Ari Cohen, Silver Key, Sculpture
Michael DeAngelo, Silver Key, Photography
Ling Groccia, Gold Key, Jewelry
Andy Harrington, Silver Keys, Photography and Art Portfolio
Ariana Harsch, Silver Key, Jewelry
Lindsay Heffernan, Gold Key, Photography
Anna Hermacinski, Gold Key, Photography
Olivia Hunter, Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Joanna Kennedy, Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir
Ellie Kinney, Gold Key, Short Story
Eliza Letteney, Silver Key, Poetry
Josephina Lin, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Christina Luby, Gold Key, Art Portfolio
Alexa Marcasciano , Gold Key, Writing Portfolio Poetry
Lucy Raeke, Gold Key, Photography
Pooja Reddy, Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration; Silver Key, Painting
Brian Tom, Gold Key Art Portfolio; Silver Key, Fashion
Matthew Tom, Gold Keys, Art Portfolio and Sculpture
Sinclaire Vandervoort, Silver Key, Jewelry
Ted Warmington, Silver Key, Sculpture
Christie Yu Artiiist, Silver Keys, Painting, Poetry, Personal Essay/Memoir

Wellesley Middle School

Hannah Copplestone, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Katie Donahue, Silver Key, Photography
Bridget Flannery, Gold Key, Photography
Abigail Frank, Silver Key, Painting
Faith Graves, Silver Key, Photography
Conor Johnson, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Lauren Mealey, Silver Key, Photography
Joy Miao, Gold Key, Photography
Mia Moore, Gold Key, Photography
Nicholas Partridge, Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Ryan Silverstein, Silver Key, Photography
Kate Waisel, Gold Key, Photography
Dylan Williams, Silver Key, Jewelry
Sharon Zhu, Gold Key, Jewelry

Dana Hall School

Victoria Alvarez, Gold Key, Photography
Jillian Campbell, Silver Key, Photography
Jacqueline Hayre, Silver Key, Photography
Jinjae Kim, Gold Key, Art Portfolio
Ye Ri Lee, Gold Key, Painting; Silver Keys, Painting and Printmaking
Soomin Mah, Gold Key, Painting
Sasha Megie, Gold Key, Digital Art
Amera Youssef, Silver Key, Printmaking

Rama K. Ramaswamy writes for Hometown Weekly. She can be reached at

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