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Wellesley Library hosts annual Nicolucci Concert

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

As part of Celebrating Music in Our Schools Month, the Wellesley Library and Wellesley Public Schools presented the Nicolucci Library Concert. An annual show, the concert is named after Dr. Sandra Nicolucci. This year, the show hosted nine different acts, comprised of vocalists, flutists, trumpeters, and more. Dr. Sabrina Quintana, the current Director of Performing Arts at Wellesley Public Schools was the host and emcee.

“If you’ve never heard of Sandy Nicolucci, she’s still around and still very active professionally. She was a long time director of performing arts in Wellesley Pubic Schools and got a lot of the things started that we enjoy today, such as this performance where we can celebrate and enjoy some of our very talented students,” Quintana shared. Nicolucci served as the Director of Performing Arts in Wellesley from 1987 to 2005, and then again during the 2014-2015 year. “She also started the instrumental and vocal extended program - the private lesson program that I’m running today. She started out as I understand with roughly 80 students taking private lessons. And we actually had a 30 percent increase in how many students are taking privately this year after last so we today have 650 students studying privately.”

All of the performers in the Nicolucci Concert take private lessons. The concert featured a number of different vocalists, a flute quartet, a French horn player, a trumpet, a saxophone ensemble, and the Wellesley Acoustic Ensemble. The private lesson program hosts 55 teachers.

“They themselves are professional musicians and professional teachers that bring a lot of experience to the school district,” Quintana said.
A yearly concert, this year’s show boasted an admirable amount of talent from students in Wellesley Public Schools.

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