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Wellesley Library creates giant snowmen

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

During school vacations, parents can often rely on local arts and crafts to provide entertainment for their kids. The Wellesley Library has taken full advantage of the time off to offer a number of exciting activities, not least of which was one in which kids created giant snowmen. From Tuesday to Friday of last week, kids of all ages were welcome to create their own vision of an ideal snowman out of paper.

“I would say five or six years we’ve been doing this,” said the Children’s Librarian.
And the reason behind this particular craft?

“Honestly, a lot of the time what happens in libraries is very practical. We make these crafts all year, and there’s always leftovers and you don’t want to throw them away. People were brainstorming and they were like: ‘You know, we can do this drop in craft,’” she explained.

The librarians cut out tons of snowballs and let the kids go for it. “I love the things they think of,” she said. “Did you see the three-headed snowman?! Look how great that is!” The creativity of the children involved knew no bounds. “We encourage them to leave [the snowmen], and if they want to, we call them so they can come and pick them up. We try to leave them up for a month or so.”

“It’s four days, and so far I’ve had about 40 kids today. So yeah. Times four, we got a really good turnout and it’s been really fun,” she explained.
The snowmen will be on display through February.

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