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Stephanie Hawkinson hired for outreach position

The Town of Wellesley has created a new outreach position to help organize and improve communication to residents about important news, events and special projects across all departments. The Executive Director’s office announced today that Stephanie Hawkinson has been named Communications and Project Manager and will guide the town in effectively conveying information that will help shape the future of the community and engage its citizens.

“We’re fortunate to have Stephanie in this new role, which we hope will increase public knowledge of town business and foster engagement in civic activities,” said Wellesley Executive Director Blythe Robinson. “With her experience in the field of communications and her understanding of our town government structure through her work with the Natural Resources Commission (NRC), Stephanie is well qualified to help all town departments develop consistent messages to better inform Wellesley residents.”

As part of her job responsibilities, Hawkinson will work closely with department heads to convey information and educate citizens about town initiatives, develop communication material to distribute through traditional and social media platforms, refine content for the town website,, and help with the outreach and implementation of Wellesley’s Unified Plan. She will also support town boards and departments on their projects by creating plans to convey ideas and initiatives, developing strategies to achieve project goals, and gathering feedback from citizens.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to promote the great work that’s done in our town,” said Hawkinson. “As a 20-year resident of Wellesley, I’ve benefited from the programs and initiatives developed by our town leaders and supported by our citizens; I’m excited for the chance to give back to the community.”

To reach Stephanie Hawkinson directly, email or contact her at (781-431-1019, x2207).

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