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Device-charging at library gets easier

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Starting this summer, you can use solar energy to charge your phone or electronic device when visiting the library!

Thanks to a generous partnership with the Municipal Light Plant (MLP), the Wellesley Free Library is installing a Soofa solar-powered bench near the Children’s patio. Simply plug your device’s cable into the Soofa Bench’s USB port and start charging!

“The Library is the perfect place to bring technology, sustainability and service together. Our partnership with the MLP has created a unique opportunity for Wellesley residents to benefit from cutting edge technology in a tranquil setting.” says Jamie Jurgensen, Wellesley Free Library Director.

Debra J. Healy, Assistant Director of the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant adds “We are pleased to collaborate with Wellesley’s Free Library supporting sustainability.”

“Libraries are pillars of community, where people and ideas come together. We’re excited to be a part of that vision with Wellesley Free Library, sparking conversations on sustainability and innovation with the residents of Wellesley along the way” said Sandra Richter, co-founder and CEO of Soofa.

The Soofa Bench was designed by a team of female engineers and designers from Harvard and MIT. The Soofa Bench was piloted with the City of Boston in 2014. Based on the product’s success, 100 Soofa Benches have been installed by early adopters in seven states. Soofa Benches are made to endure New England weather and each bench has a solar panel that powers two USB ports that can charge a phone or other electronic device.

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