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Walpole Rec hosts first outdoor movie night

By Douglas McCulloch
Hometown Weekly Staff

Children and families gathered at Stone Field last Friday to enjoy Walpole’s first outdoor movie night under the stars.

The kickoff premiere of Walpole Recreation’s new “Screen on the Green” summer film program featured a showing of the film “Minions.” The film kicked off at dusk on a warm summer Friday night, providing kids and families a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and come together as a community to enjoy a family film.

“I was very impressed with the turnout,” said Walpole Recreation Director Patrick Shield. “We had a lot of people show up.”

Shield noted that the idea to host a community film night outdoors has been something he has been considering for a while. When he looked at programs other towns offer over the summer, he noticed several of them host movie nights during the summer, and was determined to bring it to Walpole.

“I am a movie buff myself, so the idea of watching movies outside under the stars really appealed to me and the rest of the Recreation Department staff,” Shield said.

Although Shield did not have an exact count as to how many people attended the movie night, he did note that Walpole Recreation sold snacks to over 100 people.

Those that missed the first Screen on the Green, can look forward to several upcoming films that will be shown outdoors over the summer. The next Screen on the Green is scheduled for July 29 at 8:15 p.m., and will feature “The Goonies.” The final Screen on the Green will take place on August 26 at 8 p.m. and will feature “Finding Nemo.”

For more information about Screen on the Green, visit Walpole Recreation online at

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