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Electronics recycling, September 12

On Satday, September 12, residents of Walpole and other nearby communities can drop off their unwanted electronics at the Blessed Sacrament School to be recycled for a small price. The event is being hosted by Green Day Recycling.

There will be no charge for cell phones, bikes, and car or truck batteries. Small electronics, DVD players, small printers, laptops, computers can be recycled for $5 each. Microwaves, small yard equipment, and small household appliances can be dropped off for $10 each. Computer monitors, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and large printers can be recycled for $15 each. For $20, people can drop off TVs up to 24 inches, exercise equipment, grills, large yard equipment, washing machines, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, and other large household appliances. TVs between 25 and 31 inches and large refrigerators will be accepted for $25, while TVs between 32 and 35 inches will be accepted for $30. TVs over 36 inches will be accepted for $35 each.

Those dropping off items are asked to pay in cash, though check will be accepted for payments over $30. Those with questions can email the organization at

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