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Expresso plans immigration justice night

Expresso Yourself @ the Historic Meetinghouse will return on Saturday, November 23, for Chasing the Light: A Night of Poetry and Spoken Word on Immigration Justice. Among the evening's guests will be host Betsy Johnson, Regie Gibson, Jamele Adams, Amy Mevorach, Thea Iberall and Ben Jackson. This past summer, Betsy Johnson, a local poet and storyteller,...
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‘We Did It for You!’ coming soon

The musical "We Did It for You!" is more than just something to entertain people. “It offers a multi-century parade of feminine genius and courage, and does it with humor and fun,” says Paul Williams, the Oscar-winning songwriter. Written by Thea Iberall, "We Did It for You!" is a charming musical that tells of the...
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Rich Berg to play Expresso

On January 26, the Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse will feature Rich Berg. The evening's theme will be “Free Voices.” Rich Berg is the producer and co-host of For the Love of Words filmed at Easton Community Cable, and the program developer and co-instructor of the Poetry Workshops at the Ames Free Library, both in Easton. He...
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Steve Rapson to play Expresso

On August 25, Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse will be featuring recording artist, songwriter, and performing musician Steve Rapson. The evening's theme will be “I Can’t Be Serious.” Steve Rapson’s debut CD, “Christmas Guitar,” is sold around the world. He has followed up with six more CDs: “Romantic Guitar,” “Half Irish Guitar,” “Patriotic Guitar,” “Original Guitar,” and...
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