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Owls fly into Bird Park

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By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Reporter On Sunday, September 22, visitors trekked through Walpole’s Bird Park to see a unique bird show. Husband and wife team Mark and Marcia Wilson, accompanied by a few of their feathered friends, taught their audience all about owls. Marcia began by performing a perfect imitation of an owl...
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Eyes on Owls at Bird Park

On Saturday, April 22, Eyes On Owls will present a live owl program in conjunction with the Trustees at Walpole's Bird Park. All who attend are in for some fun, with educational close-up views of these secretive birds of prey in Naturalist Marcia Wilson's presentation, “Who’s Watching You? Owls of the World.” Wilson introduces the audience...
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Owls arrive at the Wellesley Library

By Katrina Margolis Hometown Weekly Reporter There is wildlife all around us which, regardless of its ubiquitousness, remains unseen. One of the most elusive of these wild creatures is the owl. There are owls local to Wellesley that the majority of Wellesley residents have never heard, nevertheless seen. Marcia and Mark Wilson are breaking down the walls...
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