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Walpole’s Schlittler starts against Red Sox

By Mike Flanagan Hometown Weekly Sports Editor Northeastern owns one of the best recruiting tools in all of Division I baseball: an annual exhibition game against the Red Sox in Fort Myers during spring training every February. After leading Walpole High baseball to back-to-back Super Eights during his junior and senior seasons, Cam Schlittler entered his freshman...
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Cam Hanley, from West Street to Huntington Ave

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By Michael Flanagan Hometown Weekly Sports Editor For years throughout their upbringing, Cam and Craig Hanley were arguably two of the best all-around athletes in the town of Walpole, thriving specifically in baseball and football during their youths. To their peers around Walpole, Craig and Cam were better known as “Hammer” (Craig) and “Nails” (Cam),...
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