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Wellesley Mite A1 Hockey Wins Championship

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By Rama K. Ramaswamy

The Wellesley Mite A1 hockey team won Valley Hockey League’s AA South-White Championship over the weekend. Most of the players are in the second and third grades. The Valley Hockey League is one of the many hockey leagues in Massachusetts with several local towns participating.

During the playoffs the Wellesley Mites were seeded fifth but proceeded to beat No. 4 Hyde Park, No. 1 Parkway and No. 2 Somerville. The Wellesley Mites initially trailed Somerville 2-0 in the title game but came from behind to win the championship game 5-3.

The boys practice twice a week and have one or two games each weekend,” said parent Janis Voldins. “They are all extremely dedicated and hard working and the coaches are too. They are all very committed.”

Parents, coaches and team members were speechless and proud of the team’s win,

“I think everyone was in a state of shock, but their smiles say everything,” Voldins said.

In addition to winning the championship game, the team also played at the Lobster Pot Tournament on Cape Cod and won. They beat the Plymouth mites with a score of 6-1, then beat the Brewins Mites with a score of 4-0 and then beat the North Devil mites with a score of 8-3.

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