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Walpole hockey faces Milton and Dedham

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By Douglas McCulloch
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Walpole High boys and girls ice hockey teams faced off against Milton and Dedham this week.

The boys team took a tie to Milton on February 3, and beta out Dedham with a 6-0 shutout win on February 6.

The tie and win brought the Rebels to a 11-2-4 record this season. The team started the season strong, going 10 games without picking up a single loss before falling to Natick on January 20.

The team has been struggling to recover, after they went on to lose to Framingham 2-0 on January 27. The team went on to pick up a win against Wellesley 3-2 and a tie against Milton 5-5 before facing Dedham.

The girls team currently has a 7-5-2 record. The team started out the season strong, with three wins to open the season, but were never able to recapture that early winning streak.

In the new year, the team tied with Milton 2-2, beat out Dedham 4-1, but went on to fall to Needham 3-1. The team picked up two back-to-back wins, against Natick 2-0 and against Framingham 8-1. After that the team fell to Wellesley 5-0 and Milton 8-3.

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