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Rebels no more: Walpole changes mascot

On Thursday evening, the Walpole School Board voted unanimously (9-0) to change the high school's "Rebel" mascot. The decision comes two weeks after a petition was started to change the school's mascot amid racial tensions and worldwide Black Lives Matter protests. A counter petition was also started to keep the nickname.

The news was made official on the Walpole Student Media Network's Twitter account.

Two weeks ago, I spoke with five current/former Walpole High School athletes about their thoughts on the Rebel mascot. All of these athletes shared their views on why or why not the high school should change its mascot, and all five made extremely well-thought out points. Click here to read that article.

Given the state of our country and also given some of the negative history the Walpole High School has with the Confederate flag being hung next to Turco Field, it seemed inevitable that the mascot would be changed.

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