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Needham Assistant AD Jackson speaks up

By Mike Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

The last two weeks have represented an extremely difficult time for our country. It should go without saying that racism and hate have no place in our country. Sadly, the murders of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery and Breonna Taylor have proven that hate and racism still exist in America, and that needs to change.

Many have capitalized on the recent tragic events by sabotaging peaceful protests, looting stores and rioting in the streets, attacking police officers, and of course, media outlets using videos/photos of these riots as political propaganda. 

Like many, Needham Assistant Athletic Director Mike Jackson is fed up. In an open letter to the community, Jackson expressed his thoughts on the events transpiring all across the country, encouraging residents of Needham and beyond to do better. 

In response, other local communities, such as Natick, Norwood, Framingham, Milton, Newton South and Scituate hopped on board and showed support. 

A lot needs to change. The only way this happens is if we all get on board together. Mike Jackson and Needham High School athletics have already taken the initiative. Now, it is time for the community to rally behind this movement and do everything in its power to be better. When high school sports (hopefully) come back in the fall, everybody - not only in Needham, but the entire high school sports community - will need to play their part. It’s time for change and it is time to be better. 

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