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Medfield’s McNally selected to Irish National Team

By Mike Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

Medfield High School lacrosse alums continue to break new barriers. Former face-off man/midfielder Dylan McNally (’18) was recently selected to the Irish National Lacrosse team.

Despite being born and raised in Medfield, McNally is still eligible to play for Ireland, thanks to his deep Irish heritage. McNally’s father, Chris, was born in the town of Westport on the northwest coast of Ireland. McNally’s grandparents, Thomas and Margaret, moved back to Ireland after immigrating to Boston. In order to be eligible to play for Ireland, one must either own an Irish passport or have either a parent or grandparent born in Ireland. McNally checked two of the three. 

Ireland held tryouts throughout the United States last year to fill out its roster. On June 8, tryouts were held in Malden, where McNally took part. After his initial Boston-based tryout, McNally was invited, along with just 29 others, to training camp in Limerick. McNally made it through the next wave of cuts, thanks to his sharp stick skills and quick hands. Two weeks later, McNally made the team and was officially a member of Ireland Lacrosse. 

Unfortunately, the European Championships that McNally and Ireland were slated to compete in this upcoming July in in Wroclaw, Poland, were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next schedule competition for Ireland is next July (2021) at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

John Isaf, who coached McNally at Medfield, says the Canisius sophomore and now Irish face-off man holds an extremely hard work ethic. Isaf says he and all of Medfield are excited to see McNally play on the national stage, especially considering the historical roots McNally and his family have to Ireland.

“He was so tough and such a warrior,” said Isaf. “He was relentless about his preparation and getting better to help the team win. Great work ethic and so passionate. He never gave up. [We are] so proud of him playing for Ireland. Such a great backstory with his father’s Irish heritage.”

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