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Former Medfield stars serving as heroes

By Mike Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

This is normally the time of year when athletes, more specifically basketball players, have the ability to be etch their names in history. The NBA postseason would be in full swing, had the COVID-19 pandemic not forced the season into suspension. The same goes for the high school and college games, where MIAA state championships and the entire NCAA men's/women's basketball tournaments were forced into cancellation.

With sports gone for the time being and the virus killing thousands across the country, those working in medical industry, such as doctors, nurses and EMT's, have been called into action. To put it simply, these doctors and nurses working around the clock to combat the coronavirus while risking their own well-being are heroes, there's no other way to put it.

Some of these heroes, in fact, actually hail from Medfield and are former MHS basketball stars.

Five Medfield High girls basketball alums now work in the medical industry as nurses or healthcare professionals around the greater Boston area. Today, instead of highlighting their basketball achievements, we will highlight these five for their dedication to serving their communities and saving lives:

  • Delaney Lawson ('14)
  • Ali Mileszko ('14)
  • Kate Thomas ('14)
  • Jen McBrien ('09)
  • Marissa Pendergast ('09)

All five of these women helped Medfield High girls basketball become the powerhouse program it is today with multiple state championships. Now, these five former star athletes are helping our country and our world try and get back to normal. A simple thank you is not enough, but it's the best we can do for now.

Their former coach, Mark Nickerson, had this to say on Twitter on Monday night:

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