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Cold brings pond hockey to Medfield

With organized high school athletics on pause for the week in Medfield, locals found their way to Kingsbury Pond to skate and play pick-up games of hockey this past week. Photo by Mike Flanagan.

By Mike Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

During times like these, it's important for people to stay as active as possible. With Medfield High School pausing winter athletics this past week due to COVID-19, staying active has become a bit more difficult for local adolescents.

Thankfully, the recent cold weather spell has allowed for a classic winter method of staying active: pond hockey. On Friday, the single-degree temperatures froze over Kingsbury Pond in Medfield. Throughout the weekend, people of all ages gathered to skate and play pick-up games of pond hockey - all while wearing masks, of course.

One of the many people spotted lacing up the skates at Kingsbury on Saturday was Medfield High School junior Jack Goodman. Committed to play baseball at Pepperdine in California, Goodman says he and his friends are trying to do everything they can in order to stay active while socially distant.

"I think it’s extremely important to find a way to stay active," said Goodman. "Whether it’s playing pond hockey or any type of physical activity. I feel we have gotten to the point in this pandemic in which everyone has figured out something they can do to stay active, which is a great thing. But not everyone is able to connect with friends and other people they know the same way as everyone else. I encourage people to safely figure out ways to spend time with others, because you never know if that person isn't in a healthy place mentally with the isolation caused by the pandemic. I hope everyone is there for each other, and everyone stays safe."

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