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Needham students win art awards

Needham’s regional award recipients for the prestigious Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for 2019 have been announced. ​This program, sponsored by the Boston Globe and ​The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts (SMFA),​ introduces Massachusetts communities to a new generation of young artists.​ Competing against thousands of other young Massachusetts artists, students at the Needham Public Schools have been recognized for an array of a rich and creative works. ​The Scholastic Art Awards look for artwork that demonstrates originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

Regional Gold Key award-winning work will be exhibited at the Massachusetts Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional exhibition at Breed Memorial Hall, Tufts University, from March 16 through March 25.

Gold Key work is currently being reviewed at the national level in New York City by panels of creative professionals. National Medalists for the National Scholastic Art and Writing program will be announced on March 13.

The below list of recipients includes students from both Needham High School and Pollard Middle School and the name of the teacher who supported the student with their submission. An asterisk indicates that this teacher is a Needham Public Schools faculty member:

Needham High School

Gold Key: Serena Bartlett (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - Drawing and Illustration Nathaniel), Boutin (teacher Linda Burke​* - Mixed Media), Madeline Hluska (teacher Linda Burke​* - Painting), Grace Li (teacher Linda Burke​* ​and Kate Bergeron​* - Art Portfolio), Thomas Ng (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - Photography)

Silver Key: Mark Elman (teacher Damon Burnard​* - Drawing and Illustration), Coleman FitzGerald (teacher Linda Burke​* - Mixed Media), Yutong Huang (teacher Shireen Yadollahpour​* - Mixed Media), Grace Li (teacher Linda Burke​* - Drawing and Illustration), Leroy Shaigordosky (teacher Marina Raybman - Digital Art)

Honorable Mention: Hugh Atkinson (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - two for Photography), Mia Christenson (teacher Linda Burke​* - Drawing and Illustration), Alexa DeMaria (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - Painting and Drawing and Illustration), Mark Elman (teacher Karl Stephan - two for Painting), Madeline Hluska (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - Drawing and Illustration), Julie Kalis (teacher Linda Burke​* - Mixed Media), Aidan Keane (teacher Karen Jerome Skillins - Painting), Grace Li (teacher Kate Bergeron​* - two for Drawing and Illustration), Avery Mathias (teacher Shireeen Yadohllapour* ​- Painting), Thomas Ng (teacher Kate Bergeron​* ​- Photography), Evan Santostefano (teacher Shireen Yadohllapour* ​- Mixed Media), Leroy Shagorodsky (teacher Linda Burke​* ​/ Marina Raybman - two for Digital Art), Jane Villa (teacher Linda Burke​* - Drawing and Illustration), Cora Wainwright (teacher Shireen Yadollahpour​* - Drawing and Illustration), Helena Zhang (teacher Shireen Yadollahpour​* - Drawing and Illustration)

Pollard Middle School

Gold Key: James Wu (teacher Yuanan Cheng​* - two for Drawing and Illustration)

Silver Key: James Wu (teacher Yuanan Cheng​* - Drawing and Illustration)

Honorable Mention: Caroline Pollan (teacher Meredith Hopkins​* - Painting), Danielle Sockol (teacher Karen Jerome Skillins - Drawing and Illustration), James Wu (teacher Yuanan Cheng - Drawing and Illustration)

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