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Needham hosts annual Harvest Fair

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By Robby McKittrick
Hometown Weekly Reporter

On Sunday, September 30, the town of Needham held its annual Harvest Fair to help support local businesses. Many different Needham residents visited the town common during Sunday afternoon to enjoy food, games, and music.

The fair had a variety of different businesses advertising their products, inflatable games, food stations, and live music.

Devra Bailin, the Director of Economic Development in Needham, has assisted in organizing the Harvest Fair for many years. The fair used to be run by the Needham Business Association (NBA), but the Needham Chamber of Commerce took over the event a year ago.

“The Chamber has always done a great job with the events they take over, and this is just another one,” Bailin said. “It’s always been a very popular town event … especially when the weather is good … It is a community event, and it something people come out for.”

The Harvest Fair is always a fun event for families and friends. As Bailin mentioned, when the weather is nice, it is generally well attended.

A live band plays at Harvest Fair in front of the town hall.

A live band plays at Harvest Fair in front of the town hall.

However, this year’s harvest fair was the first year that Needham held the event on a Sunday.

“We want to help the farmer’s market, and people are used to the fact that it is here [on a Sunday],” Bailin said. “Most of the time, [the Harvest Fair is] not very helpful to the retailers. People come for the freebies on the common and they don’t really shop. Having it on a Sunday to help the farmer’s market makes sense in that context. We will see how it works.”

The Harvest Fair has been a well-known event in the town for at least twenty years.

This year, the weather was gorgeous and the event was packed with people of all ages.

“We come out to take a look at the different businesses,” said lifelong Needham resident Mike Giogior. Giorgior has attended the Harvest Fair for the last five years and generally comes out with his family and parents.

Kids play on a bounce house at the Harvest Fair.

Kids play on a bounce house at the Harvest Fair.

“The girls love grabbing the little free items here and there and, whatever food stations they have set up, we are always game for those,” Giorgior said.

“It’s always been a great fair,” said another Needham resident Alicia Santanoria. “And we have a gorgeous day. That helps.”

In addition to helping local businesses and creating a fun affair for the Needham community, Bailin is also happy that the town is utilizing a great outdoor area.

“It is just a chance for people to enjoy the common, which is a wonderful amenity in our town,” Bailin said. “We try to take advantage of it.”

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