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Author Lamenzo mentors nine local students

Nine students from Mitchell Elementary and High Rock have been working on writing and illustrating their own children’s book in a program called Writing + Publishing with Jacky. Local Author Jacky Lamenzo created a program to teach children the process she took to write her own children’s book, "Addy Wants to Fit In."

The program starts by looking at common patterns in children’s books, and the students come up with their characters and problems their characters will overcome. Jacky’s book parallels her own childhood experience as a picky eater, so she encourages students to think of things they have overcome themselves - although she strongly believes in the students having full creative freedom in their stories.

Writing + Publishing with Jacky started in January and ran for eight sessions, the final one being virtual due to COVID-19. The girls had worked so hard on their writing and illustrating, they couldn’t give up now. They finalized their illustrations and submitted them to Jacky, and she formatted them into their books and submitted for printing.

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