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Zullo Student-Faculty Art Exhibition online

'Mannequins in Motion' by Tamlyn Shu, grade 8. Acrylic, transparency, 11"x8".

The Zullo Gallery, working with the Medfield Public Schools Visual Arts Department, is presenting this year's Student-Faculty Art Exhibition online. The Exhibit will be up on the gallery web site ( from May 20 through June 17.

Annually, the Zullo Gallery presents the Visual Arts Department of Medfield’s public schools with an opportunity to display the work of students and their teachers. The student work exhibited is a selected view of the entire K-12 curriculum, which is supported by these underlying principles: visual discrimination and awareness, personal expression, and the role of choice in art.

Each student piece has been selected as an exemplary representation of a concept or skill that is part of the art studio curriculum, and each piece is accompanied by a brief statement about the idea or inspiration behind the work. The work in the exhibition is but a small sample of the hundreds of artworks Medfield’s students produce each week in grades K-8 art classes, and in more concentrated high school classes.

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