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Medfield gives thanks for its teachers

A grassroots community effort to support Medfield teachers was launched to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday, and included feel-good lawn signs placed around town and on social media posts.

One resident was so excited about the chance to show appreciation to teachers that she lined her property on Rte. 27 with 15 signs on her property.

The campaign isn’t limited to just teachers in Medfield Public Schools – it’s designed to show appreciation to all teachers, including those in local daycares, preschools, after-school programs, and residents teaching in other districts. Even the term “teacher” is broadly defined to include aides, guidance counselors, school nurses, specialists all types of educators who guide and support children.

Said one mom who jumped on the Medfield campaign to show thanks via an online form: “The personal connections my daughters have with their teachers are a big reason why my kids are happy to go to school.”

Even though the Thanksgiving season has passed, community members are encouraged to sign up for further Medfield teacher-support initiatives by contacting

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