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On the DTL’s reopening

To the Patrons and Fans of Dover Town Library -

As Dover’s Library Trustees, we, like so many of you, are eagerly looking forward to the library’s reopening. If you love the library as we do, it’s wonderful to hear these dates announced.

- July 20: Pick-up or drop-off materials via curbside service

- July 31: All currently loaned books are due (regardless of their original due date)

(If you’re out of town for the summer, have questions about non-Dover materials, or are concerned about due dates, you can extend many loans through your online account or simply call the library for assistance at 508-785-8113 x2.)

Since closing on March 13th, Cheryl Abdullah, Library Director, and the entire library team have hardly missed a beat—reinventing services online, investing this unexpected downtime in new projects, and tackling the myriad dynamics and details of when and how to return to a new normal. At our check-ins with Cheryl, we found the behind-the-scenes details interesting, inspiring, and even more complicated and daunting than we’d suspected. So, as we work our way toward and through these dates in July, we thought we’d share some of the questions we’ve asked—and her answers.

As much as each of us would like the library—let alone life—to simply snap back into place, it seems likely that we’ll feel disjointed for a while yet. As the country continues to grapple with understanding and managing COVID-19, the Library team—and the Town at large—is working to provide the best possible service they can, without putting you or our town employees at risk. We thank you for your continued patience, flexibility, and support as the library team gets that new normal in place…and continues to learn and adapt to what works best for us all.


Adrian Hill (co-chair)
Judy Schulz (co-chair)
Peter Hoffman
Erin Rodat-Savla
Amee Tejani
Tracy Tobin

A conversation with Library Director Cheryl Abdullah about the library's reopening can be found at

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