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Hometown Weekly Obituary Policy

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All obituaries will be capped at 1,000 words.

Contact: To begin the process of publishing an obituary, send all relevant details to A representative will assist you from there.

Payment: Publication of all obituaries is contingent upon approval of payment prior to noon on Monday. Approval will be verified by the billing department.

Deadlines: We formally deadline for a given Thursday’s edition on Sunday at midnight - anything submitted before that deadline will appear in the paper, pending the approval of the billing department. While we are sometimes able to accept submissions up to Monday at noon, we are unable to guarantee our ability to do so. Modifications to previously submitted obituaries can be accepted no later than Monday at noon.

Headlines: Headlines will be listed with the deceased’s first and last name only. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate sub-headlines.

Editorial: Out of respect for the families who submit them, it is the policy of Hometown Weekly to refrain from editing obituaries. As such, Hometown Weekly is not responsible for typos or errors of grammar, usage, or content within the obituaries. The one exception relates to dates of services.

Formatting: Hometown Weekly is unable to accommodate specific formatting requests, such as boldfaced, underlined, or italicized text.

Proofs: While a text proof will be provided before publication, Hometown Weekly is unable to provide print proofs of obituaries.

Dates of services: As Hometown Weekly comes out on Thursdays, references to services that occur before publication may appear outdated. In the event of such situations, Hometown Weekly’s policy is to modify the outdated service dates to the past tense. For example:

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Photos: Photos will be printed in a spot of roughly 1.75 x 2 inches. It is thusly suggested that all submitted photos be head-shots, or cropped as such. Please note that Hometown Weekly is not responsible for pixelated or blurry photos. Photos should be submitted at high resolution; those that are not will run the risk of blurriness or pixelization.

Editions: All obituaries will appear in the edition(s) explicitly requested in the submission, and additionally in our online edition.

Advertising: Please note that all obituaries may appear on pages that include advertising.

Public Obituaries: Hometown Weekly reserves the right, under newsworthy circumstances, to print public obituaries free of charge. This will occur solely at the discretion of the newspaper.