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Submission Guides – Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy for obituaries?
Hometown Weekly has begun charging for obituaries as of January 1, 2020. For further information, including deadlines and fees, click here. You may send obituaries to to be processed, pending payment.

I have an AWESOME story, but it takes place outside of your coverage area. Can you write about it?
We're sorry, but Hometown Weekly is a local newspaper first and foremost. Unless it's in or about one of our communities, we're not interested. 

I want you to write a story about my business!
Typically, our business-related editorial is confined solely to community-related special events. Occasionally, we’ll also make exceptions for special recognitions or awards - for example, if you were to be named ________ of the Year by a prestigious publication, that’s something we might consider. That all being said, because we are an ad-sponsored publication, we do not write general stories on businesses or their services.

The CEO of my company is an expert on . Would you be interested in a guest column about ____________?
Not in the flow of editorial, no - please see above. If you'd like to do so as an advertorial, however, you'd be more than welcome to contact us at

You missed something! Can you print a retraction or correction?
No. Hometown Weekly does not print retractions or corrections.

Can you write a story about my event from last week?
No. However, you'd be welcome to send us photos and/or accounts of the event - we'd be glad to print them, if we're able!

What length should my article or letter be?
We would ask that you limit your submissions to an absolute maximum of 600 words, unless you’ve been explicitly told otherwise. Submissions of greater length run the risk of omission.

I'm running for _________. Can you announce my candidacy?
No. We do not announce individual candidacies, nor do we accept editorials or letters to the editor endorsing, announcing, or denigrating individual political campaigns or the positions espoused by them. If you're interested in running an ad, please contact

I'd like to send in a letter to the editor endorsing a political candidate. Can I do that?
No. Hometown Weekly does not accept letters endorsing or promoting individual candidacies; the only political letters we print typically focus on hyper-local ballot questions and single issues.

Can you print my letter to the editor this week?
While we do our best to print as many letters as we can, we simply do not have the space to print them all. All letters are printed at our discretion, and are subject to concerns of space, content, readability and deadlines.

I would like to send a book for review! Where should I send it?
Sorry, we do not review books.

I don’t like where you printed my story! Why did you place it there?
The only way to guarantee placement in the paper is to run an advertisement. If you are interested in advertising with Hometown Weekly, please contact

Why didn’t you print my photo?
The only way to guarantee a photo prints is to run it as an advertisement. If you are interested in advertising with Hometown Weekly, please contact

Why didn’t my photo print in color?
The only way to guarantee a photo prints in color is to run it as an advertisement. If you are interested in advertising with Hometown Weekly, please contact

Can you make sure the headline reads…
Thank you for the input, but headlines are written exclusively by the paper. If you’d like something a bit more eye-catching, you might be interested in running an ad with us.

Can you promote my event/initiative on social media?
No. All social media promotions run through Hometown Weekly's advertising department. If you’re interested in running an ad, please contact

Why isn’t my byline in the paper?
Hometown Weekly bylines are reserved only for stories specifically commissioned by the paper. Press releases and other submissions with bylines will have them redacted.

Can you print a hard copy of a photo for me?
No. While we’d be glad to send you the original digital file to print on your own, Hometown Weekly is unable to produce high-quality photo prints.

Can I thank people in my article?
No. An article is not an appropriate place to thank somebody. If you’d like to write a note of thanks, please submit it as a letter to the editor.

Why didn’t you print the acknowledgment in our press release? We have to include it in our publicity!
Hometown Weekly is under no obligation to print acknowledgements of any nature in the flow of its editorial. Furthermore, by virtue of your including the acknowledgement in the press release you sent us (which is your publicity), you have likely fulfilled your obligations.

I don’t like the letter to the editor you printed!!
A letter to the editor constitutes neither the opinions nor research of Hometown Weekly; your argument is with the individual(s) who sent the letter. You are, however, welcomed to rebut the content in a letter of your own.

Can I review the story before you print it?

Did you get my submission? Can you let me know if it’s going to be in the paper?
Due to the volume of such requests, we are unable to field questions of this nature. If you’d like to guarantee your information gets into the paper, you may be interested in running an ad with us by emailing

When are you going to print my story?
Fluctuations of space and content in the paper make us unable to definitively guarantee when your article will print. Your best bet is to keep your eye on the paper!

So, when did/will my story print?
We'd suggest you check in the paper!

I keep calling/writing in with a story, but I haven’t heard back. Should I keep trying?
No. If we’re interested, we’ll be in touch!

Why wasn’t my story/letter in the paper?!?
Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space in the paper to print everything we’d like in a given week. Other times, a piece may have arrived post-deadline, making us unable to accommodate it. Aside from constraints of space and time, Hometown Weekly reserves the right to print - or not to print - what it sees fit.

Can I mail or fax a hard copy of my article instead of emailing?
You most certainly can, though it will take much, much longer to process and appear in the paper, if it appears in the paper.

Can you print my flyer in the paper?
Flyers are technically advertisements - if you’d like to print one, you should contact one of Hometown Weekly’s advertising consultants. Alternatively, you can write up the information in the flyer as a press release and send it in for publication.

Can you come and cover my event?
We’d love to! Unfortunately, we don’t always have the resources to cover everything we’d like. Please let us know well in advance - weeks, not days - about your event. In the event that we can’t make it, you’re always welcome to submit photos and/or a press release for publication.

Here's a notice for an event taking place in 72 hours! Can you come???
Sadly, no. Please see above.

My event recurs five times over the next week. Can I run it in the community calendar?
Because of space constraints, we try to avoid listing these kinds of recurring events in the community calendar. This is because they typically end up pushing other relevant items out. You are welcome to submit your recurring event as an article, which can list all of the dates and times for your event in one place.

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