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Woodhaven community throws ice cream social

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By Daniel Curtin
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Senior members of the community visited the Woodhaven community to enjoy delicious ice cream and connect with friends last Monday.

The ice cream social is held annually every August by the Sherborn Council on Aging. Even though the weather was pouring rain outside, it didn’t stop those inside the community room at the Woodhaven from having a great time.

Karen Juhl, the director of the Council on Aging in Sherborn, was happy to provide an opportunity for seniors to get together. “Any senior 60 and over from the community can come in have a dish of ice cream, catch up with friends and meet some new people,” she said.

There were several different flavors of ice cream available, including chocolate, chocolate chip, and coffee. In addition to the ice cream, there were also brownies, which were served by two Dover-Sherborn High School volunteers.

Marie Elwell was at the ice cream social and enjoyed sharing the day with friends.

“It means a lot to get out,” Elwell said. “I tried a little of everything today; I went off the the deep end, [I had] chocolate, butter pecan and coffee.”

Ruth Stewart, who worked as a nurse at Pine Hill Elementary School for 25 years, enjoyed some chocolate chip ice cream with her friend, Jill Macglaflin. Both women take part in the Lifetime Learning program, which is run by the Council on Aging at different times during the year.

Stewart was not about to let the rain put a damper on her day.

“In a way, it’s better [it’s inside], because of how hot it has been, it would have been awful for the ice cream out there,” Stewart said. “I’m thrilled that so many people came out on this dreary day. You never know, because it is not just people here that get the word, but the whole community.”

For more information about different programs that are available to the community through the Council on Aging in Sherborn, visit

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