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UCCA announces Zero Carbon, Zero Bills

Members of the community who would like to spend 40 minutes on a talk about reducing their carbon footprints and saving money in their home are invited to Zoom along with Upper Charles Climate Action (UCCA) on Tuesday, June 2, at 7:00 or Saturday, June 20, at 10:00.

Local Upper Charles Climate Action (UCCA), a node of 350 MA, is offering an informative presentation by local author David Green. His presentation is about how he retrofitted his 1970s home and pool to have a zero-carbon footprint. This retrofit has saved thousands of dollars annually. Meeting participants will learn how they, too, can reduce their carbon footprints and save money on heating and electricity bills. 

Green is a physicist by training and has a solid understanding of technologies like solar panels, heat pumps, and low-E, triple-glazed windows. He also has an MBA from Harvard Business School and spent 20 years as President or CEO of private and public companies. 

He has kept detailed records of his heating oil use and his electricity use in order to measure the effect of each improvement made to his home. His results are based on his own experience rather than generalized claims made by manufacturers or installers.

David will explain his decisions to use certain technologies and avoid others. He will focus on both reducing emissions and the financial benefits of the technologies he chose (as well as the reasons he did not choose other available technologies).

The presentation will be followed by a short Q & A with David. To learn more and register for the event, visit

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