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Sherborn announces sustainability team

In accordance with recommendations in its Master Plan, Sherborn is moving forward to help reduce the severity of climate change while also acting to mitigate its effects. 

On behalf of the Sherborn Select Board, Town Administrator David Williams has announced the formation of a team of employees focused on matters of sustainability. Dorothea von Herder has been hired as Sustainability Coordinator, effective Monday, March 30, and will be working cooperatively on sustainability grants and projects with longtime employee Gino Carlucci, who will now serve a municipal resiliency role in addition to his Town Planner duties.

Dorothea von Herder has a Masters in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard and previously served as Sustainability Project Manager at Wellesley College. Gino Carlucci has been Town Planner for 25 years and has lead the Town’s Green Communities and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness programs. 

In conjunction with the Energy Committee, the team’s focus will be on continuing to reduce energy consumption by the Town, an effort that began with the Town’s becoming a Green Community in 2011. However, with the expanded capability, additional measures will be undertaken to pursue opportunities to help reduce energy consumption town wide as well as to adopt other measures to promote sustainability including recycling, adopting practices to reduce waste, and encouraging infrastructure that is healthier, more sustainable, resilient and cost-efficient.

The efforts will include seeking grants such as those available in the Green Communities and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness programs, as well as in other areas as the state ramps up its efforts to comply with the 2018 Global Warming Solutions Act. Educational materials for both Town officials, residents, and businesses will also be a significant part of this program.

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