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Dover’s Goorha releases ‘Hidden Immortality’

Teen author and Dover resident Valini Goorha has hit the book market with “Hidden Immortality,” which takes young adults on an adventure by portraying an entirely new world that, at first, seems almost normal.

Buried inside the earth rests a community built upon the false premise that the world above them is dangerous. Lies sown into the minds of this society by their governors, the Officials, are meant to confine its people between the dirt walls of the tunnel complex.

Emma Beckett is just one of the many people trapped underground, but unlike the rest, secrets surround her life and her mysterious past.

When her best friend suggests that they join an adrenaline-seeking tournament, things begin to unravel.

“When it unravels, Emma’s life is thrown into turmoil. Life often feels mundane to most of us – filled with ordinary moments. Yet, it can often turn on its head in a matter of moments. How we process and react to such moments reveals our hidden strengths,” says Goorha.

Emma finds herself falling for a charismatic boy on the opposing team. She becomes an asset for her own team, and it is not long before she realizes that there was a reason they wanted her on their team. Her past is filled with hidden secrets about her identity.

Gradually, Emma begins to untie the complicated strings of her past, and, in the process, finds that she some strange power within her that could never have imagined.

The Officials, however, are intent on harnessing her powers and using them for evil; Emma must find a way to escape from her underground home – escape from the depravity that surrounds her.

Goorha captures a mixture of genres and ideas in the story but links them all to the underlying theme of friendship, trust, and bravery.

Thus, readers will find inspiration and strength during the story as they learned about the likable but flawed, heroine Emma.

Hidden Immortality, published by Austin Macauley, was released on August 31. It is available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as other bookstores around the country.

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