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Dover-Sherborn Superintendent Search Postponed

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By Robert Rosen
Hometown Weekly Staff

When the School Committees of Dover, Sherborn and Dover-Sherborn Regional announced a few weeks ago that they were not going to move forward with either finalist for the Superintendent position, they announced that they would be meeting with search consultant NESDEC in January to discuss the revised timeframes and next steps in the process.

That came in a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, when the School Committees decided that the best course of action would be to hold a similar search in the fall instead of continuing the search during the school year.

“We believe that running a full search in the fall will provide us with the deepest pool of candidates,” said Dana White, Vice-Chair of the Dover-Sherborn Regional School Committee and the Chair of the Dover-Sherborn Superintendent Search Team. “In parallel, our search consultants will continue to discuss Dover-Sherborn with educational leaders.”

White said that during the process the Committees gathered input from constituencies through focus groups, surveys and interviews.

“This work will streamline the search next year,” White said. “We will be looking for strong leaders with demonstrated achievements who can help continuously improve all aspects of our high performing districts.”

The School Committees are planning on having Interim Superintendent Bill McAlduff remain for another year. They believe his 17 years of experience has been evident as they go through the annual budget process and the day-to-day operations of all four schools.

They are in the process of taking the appropriate steps as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to be able to hire McAlduff for next year.

“The School Committees believe that we will be successful with a fall search,” said White. “Collectively, we continue to work with our administrative team to move the schools forward in the best interest of our students."

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