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Dover Cub Scouts Enjoy Pinewood Derby

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With speeds topping 192 mph, 41 Cub Scouts and Webelos of Dover Pack 52 enjoyed another successful Pinewood Derby on Saturday January 30.

Each scout built his own custom 5 ounce wooden racer, personalizing them with options ranging from paint colors to Star Wars characters to Lego bricks. Scouts with the fastest racers in each rank received trophies to mark their accomplishment.

Tiger: William Wilkinson, Jack Holloway, and Jimmy McLaughlin; Wolf: Dininar Alpers, Harrison DePaola, and Barrett Adams; Bear: Locke Robinson, Andrew Holloway, and James Townsend; Webelos I: Robby Muse, Nevin Bates, and Dylan Rogers; and Webelos II: Luciano Boussy, William DePaola, and Raheel Khan.

The Derby's overall winners will be announced at the Pack's upcoming Blue and Gold Dinner on February 9.

Interested in having fun with race cars, archery, camping, overnights at the Museum of Science, and more? Contact Carolyn Ringel at for information on joining the Dover Cub Scouts.

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