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Disney trivia makes for magical morning

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Have you ever spent a magical day roaming through any of the Disney parks? If not, you have probably spent some amount of time watching Disney films. The joy that the Disney Company has provided has extended over decades and generations. On March 20, Sherborn families were invited to participate in some family-friendly trivia and learn all about Disney, its films, and some of the theme parks.

As a lifelong Disney fanatic, I was more than ecstatic not only to write about the trivia event, but participate as well. After all, how often do you actually get to spend time talking with an expert on your niche interest? For me, it isn’t often.

The trivia host, Lindsey, was once a member of the Disney team, making her the perfect person to quiz everyone on their Disney knowledge. Lindsey started off the trivia competition with a practice round. During this round she asked what are perhaps my favorite questions about my favorite Disney Park: what is in the giant geodesic sphere in EPCOT? These days it’s easy to miss, but it’s actually a ride known as Spaceship Earth.

After priming attendees, Lindsey launched into the first round of trivia. Each question in this round was worth one point. The first questions were almost all about characters in some of the most loved Disney films and shows. Participants were asked easy questions such as naming Mike’s girlfriend in "Monsters Inc" (Celia), as well as more difficult ones such as what Disney character has a special cameo in "Frozen" during the coronation scene (Rapunzel from "Tangled").

Round two once again featured ten questions, each one worth one point. This round featured two questions that I, along with many of the other participants, were stumped by. One, for example, prompted participants to name the popular chip that was invented by Disney. I had guessed Pringles, thinking one could put two of the chips together to form a Donald Duck-esque bill. Instead, the answer was actually Doritos, which were invented to prevent wasting tortillas at the end of the day when parks closed.

Another question, the last, was particularly tricky. Lindsey asked the audience what time the last Disney employee leaves the Magic Kingdom. I had guessed midnight, thinking about the time after fireworks known as the "Kiss Goodnight." Lindsey shocked attendees when she informed them that the park is never actually completely empty, with employees working overnight to set up for the next morning. 

The last round had people on the edge of their seats. Each of the ten questions in the round was worth two points. Participants had to recall the emergency code for a human sock touching a monster (a 2319) and recall Mike’s infamous song, “Put That Thing Back or So Help Me,” from "Monsters Inc." The youngest participants easily named two of the emotional characters in "Inside Out," while older Disney fans correctly guessed the youngest Disney Princess ("Snow White").

Though there was no competition for this trivia game, participants still had a blast, reminiscing over some of their favorite Disney movies and vacations. Younger kids were eagerly waiting their chance to rewatch "Frozen," while older participants left the trivia session itching to view one of the classic films they'd grew up watching. Aside from being a thoroughly good time, the trivia session at the Sherborn Library was a great reminder of Disney's unique cultural place - one that allows young and old alike to bond over timeless films and magical stories.

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