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Sherborn COA hosts annual Holiday Party

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Festivities for the upcoming holidays come in all shapes and sizes, all different ages, and in all manner of traditions. This past week, the Sherborn Council on Aging held their annual Holiday Party at the Pilgrim Church. In addition to delicious food provided by local vendors, festive decorations filled the room, creating a welcoming and warm environment for dozens of people to come together this season. This event is put on by the staff and board of the COA.

“The turnout is fantastic – we’re actually worried there aren’t enough seats!” said Linda Bellefeuille, Elder Advocate and fitness instructor. “I’ve been working here for 12 years, and this has been going on way before my time,” Linda explained. Every week the COA hosts the Senior Café. However, this week, the meal is just a little bit different.

“Every week there’s a speaker or presentation, so that brings a bigger crowd, too,” Linda said. Who might the speaker be this week? “It’s a surprise! We think it’s Santa – don’t tell anybody!” Linda exclaimed. In addition to the festive speaker, the Holiday Party hosts a raffle every year with baskets provided by local businesses and care givers. In addition, a nurse who works with the COA crochets a blanket each year to be a part of the raffle.

“For years we had what was called a drop-in lunch. It’s on Thursdays and it’s here. “People would basically just drop in,” Linda explained. “But what we’ve been trying to do, because it’s been really hard to plan how much food to have, the past couple years we’ve been encouraging people to RSVP.” Because of this, the name was changed to Senior Café this past fall, which was a big cultural change. “It’s really nice because in the summer, folks open their homes and we have garden parties,” Linda added.

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