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Social distance files: Walpole’s Bird Park

By James Kinneen
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Whenever I’m in Walpole and start asking questions for Hometown Weekly, people assume this is where I’m from. I’m not, though. I’m from Braintree. And, if I’m being honest, my knowledge of Walpole’s geography isn’t that great. See, I’m in Walpole all the time, but...

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Walpole COA learns about Wyatt Earp

By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Staff For as long as they have existed, Americans have been fascinated by the lives of cowboys and the Wild West. It’s easy to understand why - in land just settled, anything could (and often did) happen. Seniors at the Walpole Council on Aging have been treated to a lecture series taught...
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Pumpernickel Puppets put on sensational show

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By Amelia Tarallo Hometown Weekly Staff “I think once you’ve seen a puppet show, you’ve seen them all,” said one mom at Thursday February 20th’s Pumpernickel Puppet Show at the Walpole Library. “But I don’t know if I’d consider this just a puppet show.” The Pumpernickel Puppet Show has become notorious for being much...
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Wellesley ABC finds a home

By Rama K. Ramaswamy Wellesley A Better Chance (Wellesley ABC), the local chapter of a national program that offers young people of color access to top schools, has launched a campaign to purchase a permanent home. For 48 years, their program has helped educate nearly 100 women of color at Wellesley High School, all of whom...
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